Welcome to the Tag 91.1 survey! We won't take much of your time. We just want to know you better & your answers will help us provide you with improved content and services. We appreciate your effort and by taking this survey you get a chance to win an iPhone & a PS 4. The survey is only open till 22nd October, 2017, so make sure you get your chance to win now! All the information you provide will remain confidential and will only be used for internal purposes. Thank you for helping us bring you better radio in the UAE.
The Tag 91.1 Research Team
Where do you listen to radio the most? *

Which of the following do you primarily use to listen to radio? *

How much time on an average do you spend listening to Tag 91.1 in a day? *

At what time(s) of the day do you listen to TAG 91.1 the most? Please pick top 2. *

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Compared to a year ago, which of the following applies to your TAG 91.1 listening habits? *

When you are not listening to TAG 91.1, which UAE radio stations are you listening to? *

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How do you feel about TAG 91.1? *

How do you rate the weekday shows on TAG 91.1?

Gandang Umaga (5 am to 10 am) *

Chikahan (10am to 2pm) *

That’s Love (2pm to 4pm) *

Uwian Na (4pm to 9pm) *

Request Mo, Play Ko (9pm to 2am) *

How do you rate the weekend shows on TAG 91.1?

Patok Jeproks with Bluebird *

Pinoy Songhits with Maria Maldita *

Bandang Hapon with Louie Da Costa *

Kantambayan with Chikay *

How do you rate the presenters on TAG 91.1?

Bluebird *

Bob Kebab *

Chikay *

Louie da Costa *

Maria Maldita *

What topics would you like to hear more of on TAG 91.1? *

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What type of music would you like to hear more on TAG 91.1? Please pick top 3. *

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Music from which era would you like to hear more or less of on TAG 91.1?

Music from before the 80s *

Music from the 80s *

Music from the 90s *

Music from before the 2000s *

Current music *

If TAG 91.1 played 10 songs in an hour, what would be your preferred break up of Pinoy songs & English songs?

Name 3 of your favourite music artists (Filipino and International) who you would pay to see perform live in the UAE?

Music Artist 1

Music Artist 2

Music Artist 3

Please name 3 activities or promotions you can remember hearing about on TAG 91.1 in the last 6 months.

If you can't remember 3, please write down as many as you can remember.
Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3

How many times in a YEAR do you go to events like concerts, exhibitions, sport tournaments etc? *

If all of the following were worth AED 500, which would you prefer to win as a prize on TAG 91.1? *

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Which of the following is your primary source of news & information? *

Which of the following social media do you use regularly? *

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What do you like to see most on social media? *

Which websites do you regularly visit?

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

Please give an answer for each statement.
TAG 91.1 is my one stop shop for any kind of information *

TAG 91.1 is a key source of entertainment for me *

TAG 91.1 keeps me connected with home *

I depend on TAG 91.1 for my daily news *

I count on TAG 91.1 to keep me up to date with the latest music *

Are there any other thoughts or suggestions that you would like to share with the TAG 91.1 team?

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